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Dyne-A-Pak, A Division of ProAmpac, is an industry leader in foam trays used for the packing of protein such as meat, poultry, fish and other produce.  In operation since 1972, Dyne-A-Pak is also an innovator in compostable rigid foam packaging.

Our facilities located in Laval, Quebec are equipped with cutting-edge technology allowing us to serve the entire North American market.

Our customers include grocery chains, meat and vegetable packers and Canadian and American food industry distributors.

Our Mission

It is our mission to manufacture and deliver, 100% of the time, the best food packaging products in North America and to contribute to building a better future for our customers, our employees, the environment and for the community in which we work. Our mission is also to maximize the presentation, appearance and the preservation of food products on the market.

Our Vision

Our long-term vision is to continue to be an innovative leader, in order to offer performance packaging with the smallest possible impact on the environment. The first function of food packaging is to preserve and transport food in a healthy and safe way, while keeping loss to a minimum. We are working everyday toward efficient packaging that has a near-zero carbon footprint, while being revalorized at the end of its life cycle, by traditional recycling, energy recycling or composting.

 Dyne-A-Pak Trays
 Dyne-A-Pak Barquettes En Mousse De Polystyrene

Dyne-A-Pak foam trays are designed for food packaging of meat, fish, poultry and other fresh produce. The Regular and Processor grade trays are made of polystyrene foam - a material composed of more than 90% air and less than 10% polymer, which allows them to have a lower environmental impact compared to other packaging alternatives. These trays are recyclable in areas where polystyrene collection programs are in place, and all contain recycled polystyrene.

Dyne-A-Pak AZURA®, our high recycled content tray, is a new generation of food trays with a minimum guaranteed of 50% external recycled content. By replacing part of the raw materials with recycled material, AZURA® further reduces the environmental impact of polystyrene foam packaging and participates in the efforts toward a circular economy. These trays are designed for food packaging of meat, fish, poultry and other fresh produce.

Innovative packaging using bio-polymer, made from plants, a 100% annually renewable resource. Bio-polymer is not made made from petroleum products.

Nature® foam trays are available in a limited number of models. They combine the advantages of the light-weight foam, with those of a bio-polymer; without using a large amount of renewable resources.


Regular Dyne-A-Pak Products and Dyne-A-Pak Azura®

Composed of 90% air, polystyrene foam trays have a very small environmental impact, since there is a significantly lower amount of raw materials and energy being used in their production compared to substitute rigid polymer or plant fibre packaging.  Foam polymer packaging is 2 to 3 times lighter than other known alternatives.  Polystyrene is a recyclable material, although collection programs are not offered in all municipalities.  The light weight of these products and the potential for food residue contamination pose a challenge to sorting and recycling centers, but several municipalities in North America have overcome these challenges and now offer recycling programs, either by curb-side collection, or by collection at depot locations.  Ask your local authorities to find out if such programs exist near you.

Dyne-A-Pak actively supports or is directly involved in various polystyrene recycling projects or by curb side collection in Canada and the US.  Here are some examples:

CPT (Circular Plastic Taskforce):


RRPS (Polystyrene Recycling Alliance):

FRC (Foam Recycling Coalition):

Food Service Packaging Institute (FPI) :


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