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Domestically Converted Polywoven Bags

As a leading provider of American converted polywoven woven bags, ProAmpac has a strategic manufacturing footprint in the United States, offering customers capacity and quick delivery without tariff disruptions.


Experience the advantages of a domestic supplier.

  • No tariff implications
    • Conveniently located United States midwest manufacturing
  • Shorter lead times
    • Lead times of 4-6 weeks
    • Stocking programs available to further reduce lead times
  • Rapid response on urgent orders
  • Quality manufacturing processes
    • ISO 2001:2015
    • SQF Certified
  • Dedicated customer technical services support
  • In-house graphics and printing, including extended gamut for existing and new product designs
  • Variety of closures including: sewn, pinch prepared, and thermoseal 
  • Flexible minimum order quantities

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In support of the recent antidumping duty and counterveiling duty investigation, we are here to support our domestic customer's polywoven bag supply.  For more information, contact .




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