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At ProAmpac serving our customers is our top priority, and our field-based Customer Technical Service (CTS) Experts want to ensure your products run efficiently. Ideally, a ProAmpac CTS Expert visits your facility while product is running to ensure success. However, with increased health and security concerns it is not always possible to be onsite. In these instances, we recommend Bridge, ProAmpac’s answer to remote trial management.

From pre-trial setup meetings to production runs to post-trial reviews we can virtually visit your site using the option that best suits your facility’s requirements, such as:
  • ProAmpac’s in-house system with equipment that we can overnight
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Most other virtual software and platforms
  • Your custom online systems

RTM allows for access to our full technical support teams including Customer Technical Service (CTS), Product Development (PD), and Quality.

ProAmpac's in-house RTM sytem is simple:

  1. A ProAmpac CTS Expert ships you a Kit.
  2. The kit includes a small HD camera, tablet, and uses a wifi or cellular connection to connect with a ProAmpac CTS Expert remotely.
  3. Go to Bridge webpage for setup video and instructions (hard copy is also included with kit).

After your kit has been setup your CTS Expert will be able to see, monitor, manage and communicate with you in real-time ensuring your products and equipment are running perfectly.

Included in this Kit:

Tablet and Power Cord

Hub and Power Cord




Step 1 - Power:

Connect both the Tablet and Hub units to power. Once connected, the Tablet will have a lightning bolt through the battery icon on the top left corner of the screen and the Hub will have blue and green lights that will come on after 30 seconds.


Step 2 - Connectivity:

Either cell phone service or a WIFI signal is required to operate the camera and both are available using the Tablet. To begin, press the power button on the side of the tablet and swipe your finger from left to right on the touch screen to open the tablet. Open the Settings app- will be a gear shaped icon is in the top left corner of the screen then open the connections tab.

  • If using internal WIFI- open the WIFI page, locate the available network and enter the necessary information.
  • If using cellular service- open the Mobile Hotspot and Tethering tab and engage the Mobile hotspot. Engaged will result in the right most icon turning blue.

Once connected to a network, the camera will automatically sync with the Hub. Maintain that both power connections and camera is ready for operation.

Note: There must be an adequate W-LAN or LTE connection on the factory floor for the system to work sufficiently. This system is still in development and we continue to make adjustments and improvements. Thank you for your understanding as we work to make our systems even better.


Step 3 - Camera

The camera has a tripod which can be used for stationary placement. The round part of the tripod is inserted into the grey mount on the back of the camera and will click when locked. Your CTS representative will be able to see and communicate with you through the camera.

Note: For optimal performance, place the hub and tablet as close to the camera as possible maintaining the best WIFI or cellular network connectivity.

Download printable pdf of instructions here.


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