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Blown Polyethylene Film

In both North America and the UK, ProAmpac manufactures a range of blown polyethylene films that are engineered to be used alone or laminated to other film or paper layers. ProAmpac is an expert in conventional blown film technology, but also excels at highly engineered structures designed to reduce gauge while maintaining application performance. Applications include sealant layers for flexible pouches, shrink film for bottles and vegetables, protective films and carpet backing.

  • Sustainable Films

    Helping to reduce the environmental impact of your products packaging, we manufacture a variety of recyclable films and films with recycled content.

    • Films that are recyclable in the flexible PE waste stream
    • Films available with up to 50% recycled content that comply with the UK Plastics Packaging Tax (PPT)
  • Sealant Films for Lamination

    Films engineered to be laminated to other substrates including OPP, PET, BOPA and PE. 

    • Metallocene based films offering excellent hot tack performance and the ability to seal through contamination
    • Low temperature films for ultra-fast flow wrapping machines
    • Films that overlap seal to OPP
    • High stiffness films for pouch applications
    • Extensive range of peelable films for lidding and VFFS applications
    • Full range of low temperature sealant materials for use in PE monomaterial laminates
    • High temperature resistant PE webs for use as outer web in PE monomaterial laminates
    • Film optimized for laser scoring
    • Focused on serving the European region
  • Polyethylene Films for Direct Printing for Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) & Bag/Mailer Conversion

    Films produces for printing and conversion that include:

    • Impulse seal film for ambient and frozen food
    • Constant heat films for fresh produce and industrial markets
    • High speed wicket bag films for bread and produce
    • Recyclable OPP replacement films for flow wrap and Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS)
    • Ultra-thin high speed e-commerce mailer films
    • Easy open peelable VFFS
    • Focused on serving the North American and European regions
  • Shrink Films

    Ultra-thin optimized shrink films for high-speed machines.

    • Films available with recycled content
    • Single or Twin feed and L Sealer films
    • Films down to 15 microns for applications such as cucumber wrapping
    • Micro-perforated films
    • High clarity presentation films
    • Printed films
    • Non fusion secondary overwrap films (film on film)
    • Focused on serving the North American and European regions
  • Technical & Specialist Films

    Custom film solutions for a wide range of demanding, technical applications and machinery.

    • Thermal lamination
    • Adhesive tapes
    • Films for wood shaving, animal bedding, etc.
    • Coin films for VFFS
    • Films for silicone coating
    • Easy tear
    • Focused on serving the North American and European regions
  • Industrial & Embossed Films

    Industrial - Films suitable for a variety of industrial based applications including:

    • Shrink films including recycled films meeting the UK Plastics Packaging Tax (PPT) requiring 30% post-consumer waste
    • Stretch hooding
    • Pallet top covers
    • Base sheets
    • Stretch film
    • VFFS for hardware and fasteners such as screws, hinges, etc.
    • Carpet wrap
    • Focused on serving the North American and European regions

    Embossed – Using our off-line embosser, we are able to provide films with a choice of patterns that meet the needs of specific customers and markets.

    • Rubber interleaving
    • Carpet / flooring protection films
    • Protective prepreg backer for composites manufacturer
    • Non-slip pallet sheets
    • Focused on serving the European region

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