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In both North America and the UK, ProAmpac manufactures a range of blown polyethylene films that are engineered to be used alone or laminated to other film or paper layers. ProAmpac is an expert in conventional blown film technology, but also excels at highly-engineered structures designed to reduce gauge while maintaining application performance. Barrier and non-barrier options are available – applications include sealant layers for flexible pouches, shrink film for bottles and vegetables, protective films and carpet backing.


Helping to reduce the environmental impact of your products packaging, we manufacture a variety of recyclable films and films with recycled content.

  • Films that are recyclable in the flexible PE waste stream
  • Films available with up to 50% recycled content that comply with the UK Plastics Packaging Tax (PPT)
  • Depending on application, can use varying levels of post-consumer recycled (PCR) and/or post-industrial recycled (PIR) content

Optimized shrink films for high-speed machines.

  • Films available with recycled content
  • Can be unprinted or printed
  • Non-fusion secondary overwrap films (film on film)

Custom film solutions for a wide range of demanding, technical applications and machinery.

  • Thermal lamination
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Films for wood shaving, animal bedding, etc.

Industrial - Films suitable for a variety of industrial based applications including:

  • Stretch hooding
  • Pallet top covers
  • Base sheets
  • Carpet wrap

Embossed – Films with a choice of patterns that meet the needs of specific customers and markets in the UK.

  • Rubber interleaving
  • Carpet / flooring protection films
  • Non-slip pallet sheets

Films engineered to be laminated to other substrates. Film examples include:

  • General purpose laminations for applications such as animal treats, small-format bags, stand-up pouches
  • Low seal initiation temperature laminations, including quad seal pouches/bags, liquid packaging (non-barrier), medium-to-large format laminations
  • Heavy duty shipping sacks for lawn & garden, industrial, large-format bulk packaging
  • Modified atmosphere packaging films – designed for thermal lamination to rigid sheet material prior to thermoforming into trays and bowls
  • Other blends available depending on region/market


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