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Trinity Specialty Films & Lamination


Whether it’s pet food, cleaning products, frozen food or beverage bundling, Trinity provides specialty flexible solutions for a variety of household, consumer and personal items.

Features include puncture resistance, sealing capabilities that provide fragrance barriers and/or extend shelf life, resealable zippers and/or tear notches, peelability and stunning graphic appeal that will distinguish the product from its competitors on the shelf. It is our unique ability to accommodate such requirements as breathability, film clarity, rough handling, UV resistance and fragrance barriers that differentiates Trinity.

Our lamination capabilities ensure that image quality is sustained and your product is delivered fresh, protected and attractive. Our skilled, and well trained expert operators oversee the dual, high-speed, water-based and solvent-less laminators. Trinity delivers better lamination quality with stronger bonds and increased clarity.

Full-service converting is available on all products - whether slitting or bag/pouch making. As with all our products, bags, re-sealable bags and stand-up pouches receive our fullest QA controls in conversion. With multiple converting machines, all with quality control operators, we can manage multiple production lines of multiple products simultaneously.

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