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At ProAmpac, sustainability means being a good neighbor and looking to the future.

Using advanced technology, we are developing and innovating sustainable flexible packaging products. By reducing energy use and the environmental impact of our facilities, ProAmpac is engaging our employees, collaborating with suppliers and customers, and teaming with neighbors to make the communities where we operate, and our packaging, even better.

We call this ProActive Sustainability™.

We care about sustainability, and not just because consumer demand for sustainable products has grown. As a forward-thinking, global network of people and teams, we design our processes and products with sustainability in mind. We fully grasp the relationship between sustainability and existing global initiatives, so we've made major investments to integrate awareness of such causes with our company culture.

Our approach to sustainability centers around innovation. In their own way, every person here is a visionary thought leader whose commitment to creativity and design has enabled our company to apply innovation and forward-thinking concepts to move sustainability forward.

In daily action, we promote sustainability in both our product designs and our operating procedures, and we are committed to exploring and applying environmentally friendly technologies and materials. Our position as a global packaging leader provides us the opportunity to reduce not only our own impact on the planet, but also that of the consumers who purchase our customers' products.

  • Greener product innovation

    • Production of oxy-degradable and biodegradable films for rollstock and bag applications
    • Films that satisfy minimum thickness specifications without sacrificing quality
    • Use of recycled resins in packaging (when applicable)
    • Bags with up to 100% recycled papers in various substrates and grades
    • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified systems and controls, providing customers with sustainable paper alternatives


  • Improving air and water quality

    • Use of water-based printing inks, rather than solvent-based, in half of all facilities
    • Printing presses are washed with soap and water, not harsh chemicals
    • Efficient use of company shipping trucks to consolidate loads and minimize air pollution
  • Reducing energy consumption

    • High-efficiency lighting fixtures
    • High-efficiency motors for replacement applications
    • Significant use of hydroelectric power sources
    • Diversion of hot air exhaust back into the plant to heat the building during winter months
    • Use of lighting motion sensors
  • Recycling

    • Collection and recycling of waste paper, scrap metals and scrap plastics
    • Reuse of pallets whenever possible
    • Laundering and reuse of shop towels, eliminating disposal of paper towels and rags
    • Our ProActive Sustainability pouches can be recycled with plastic retail shopping bags with the How2Recycle Label initiative

    Have you noticed our recycling labels? Our goal is to help consumers better understand what to do with packaging and to encourage greater participation in recycling programs so that packaging gets a new life. The How2Recycle Label is an initiative of GreenBlue's Sustainable Packaging Coalition. To find out more, provide input on the labels and get information on how to check locally, visit And look for the How2Recycle Label on ProAmpac products.

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