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Drug Delivery

It's no secret that pharmaceutical packaging is a growing and rapidly changing market segment. Our teams stay on top of technical and medicinal advancements so that we can develop the advanced packaging features needed to protect against moisture, light, oxygen and contaminants. We've led the development of child-resistance solutions, senior-friendly packaging, autoclavable offerings and foil and non-foil barrier structures.

We've worked hard to become the largest worldwide supplier of lightweight polyethylene-coated papers, many of which our teams employ in the medical packaging industry. To visually capture your brand, our flexographic and offset printing processes can handle up to 10 colors, so images and complex artwork are never a problem.

  • Packaging Designed for Drug-Delivery Applications

    • Inhalation
    • Liquid and solid oral dose
    • Injectable
    • Topical/transdermal
    • Transmucosal

    Features and Benefits

    • Excellent chemical, light, moisture and oxygen barrier for product integrity
    • Weld or peelable seal
    • High-speed technology
    • Child resistant
    • Senior friendly
    • VFFS and HFFS applications

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