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We understand that collecting and preserving evidence is critical to any investigation. Government forensics laboratories, law enforcement officials and security professionals trust us to fulfill their tamper-evident and forensic packaging needs. The packaging solutions developed by our teams include advanced sealing technology made from durable performance films designed to excel in any forensic application or laboratory.

  • Tamper-Evident Bags

    Our people are extremely proud of our KeepSafe® tamper-evident security bags — known worldwide as the premier, established brand in the loss prevention industry. KeepSafe product technology prevents evidence from being compromised and supports good chain-of-custody procedures. These bags are made from durable polyethylene film and come preprinted with all information required for proper evidence submission. And our teams' expertise in coextruded films gives KeepSafe products the advantage of lighter and stronger plastic materials, contributing to the sustainability of our product while reducing freight costs.

    With enhanced closure features, KeepSafe's tamper-evident properties are distinguished by three levels of security:

    • Ultra – For high-risk applications, protects from all known methods of attack
    • Premium – Designed for mid-level tamper evidence
    • Secure – For lower-risk applications

    We also offer bags specifically designed for collecting and securing wet evidence. These bags feature a breathable material on one side that facilitates the drying of wet evidence and guards against the loss of crucial evidence due to deterioration.

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    Features include:

    • Available in clear or breathable film
    • Easy-to-write-on surface
    • Sequential numbering
    • Custom solutions available upon request

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